About Us

Euromed Business is a competent team that will help you create, grow and sustain your business. We will assist you with great pleasure throughout your project. We will give you advice, you will want to invest and invest, as well as effective tips and practices that will help you overcome your blockages, to meet your challenges and make your project a success.

Our Priorities

Competence, availability, thoroughness, responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, discretion and respect of the deadlines and human values.compliance with the deadlines and human values.

brahim ait lahcen


Holder of two Master’s degrees. The first in Finance and banking from Lorrain University (France), and the second in Accounting, Control and Audit from Bretagne Sud University (France). He has a strong international professional backrground in finance : Financial adviser at Société Général (France), Credit Analyst at Verizon Business (United Kingdom) and today Accountant and Business School professor, teaching finance, accounting, banking and tax system, at several higher education institutions (France and Morocco).